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Company History

    We created ETIcorp in 1985, a Wisconsin corporation, and joined a team that built systems on networked pc's.  We built the machines and wrote the software, too.

    We built a system for a large steel processing company in Detroit, including custom Order processing, Steel Billing, Payroll, Receivables and Payables, Inventory Control, General Ledger and Financial statements.

    In the late 80's we installed our software in a Milwaukee company that distributes batteries, and adapted the software to their needs.  They are still a customer, and we've converted all their software to Windows.

    In the early 90's, we built a distribution system for a $30 million mail order distributor in Chicago. We built the hardware and wrote the software applications, including Order Entry and accounting functions.  During their high season, 50+ operators simultaneously enter orders on-line. They've shipped as many as 2000 orders per hour.  They are still a customer.

    We built a system for a large electronics and tool distributor in Rockford, IL, with 125+ stations, hubs, and multiple servers.  We converted them from a large IBM mainframe.  The system included on-line links to the mainframe as part of the conversion.  They had a very complex pricing structure, with some clients getting contract prices only, others getting discounts on a range of products, etc.  The software was sophisticated enough that products could be priced by customer with price changes by date.

    We built a system for a Milwaukee-area lighting distributor.  The order entry software automatically priced products from a 2-dimensional pricing matrix, with inventory on one axis, and customers on the other.  The order could be priced by a discount from list, or a mark-up from cost, allowing the operator to select the pricing method, discount, and or markup, and re-pricing on the fly.  The system allowed our customer to realize that he was making no money in the lighting business, because the margins were low and the competition steep; he promptly closed the business.

    In the mid to late 90's we built a hardware and software system for a Milwaukee construction company, creating a custom Job Processing and Billing system, along with Leads Tracking, sales follow-up, and letter generation.  The system follows a customer from a Lead, to a Sale, to a Job, performs all billings, follow-up correspondence and financial statements.  They are still a customer.  The software was written so well, it has not been changed in years, though the old hardware has been replaced with a Terminal Services Network.

    Completed several programming courses in Windows, and made the switch in the late 90's, building our first product for municipal governments, License Manager.  New products have followed, namely Voter Reg Manager and Special Assessments Manager.

    Voter Reg Manager was created when one of our good customers, after a lengthy search and RFP process, decided that the product they wanted did not exist.  They shipped us their data and their specifications.  Within 90 days they were up and running a new Voter Reg System.  The product has continued to grow and develop over the years, incorporating every feature the users need with ease of use.  New users are generally up and runningres within 5 minutes.

    Special Assessments Manager has a similar story.  A good client needed a new product, and got only 1 response to an RFP:  ours.  We combined the needs of 4 departments into a single user interface.  Engineering, Clerks, Finance and IT all use the same system to create, process and maintain Special Assessments, Special Charges, and Recurring charges.

    We have more than 50 software installations.

    Our commercial products are all available for Windows environment, too.

    We’ve created systems for
         Order Processing, for various kinds of businesses
         Shipping, including UPS and other freight rates
         Job Processing
         Job Costing
         Billing / Invoicing systems
         Data Communications
         Leads Tracking
         Automated document generation
         Inventory Control
         Accounts Payable
         Accounts Receivable
         Point of Sale
         General Ledger
         Electronic Data Interchange
         Customer Service
         Bar Code generation
         Data Collection
         Time Accounting
         Business Licensing
         Voter Registration
         Special Assessments
         Customer Service / Help Desk

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